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A Novel Romance

Here’s a look at M•A•C ‘s New collection “A Novel Romance” Lipstick                           Finish

1. Hearts Aflame                         Matte
2. Lingering Kiss                         Matte
3. Yield To Love                               Cremesheen
4. A Novel Romance                      Cremesheen
5. Good Kisser                               Matte

Swatches with NO FLASH



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❤❤ Hearts Aflame❤️❤️

At first wanted to make a post about MAC’s new collection “A Novel Romance”  as a whole.  That’s not going to happen,  Instead I’m going to tell you about one in per tickler which is “HEARTS AFLAME“.   I got my lipsticks yesterday and I really love this collection.  I love it more than expected, so I wore one of the lipsticks last night and it was amazing. Below behold “HEARTS AFLAME”



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Lips: A Guide to Mac Lipstick Formulas Part 1

Lips: A Guide to Mac Lipstick Formulas Part 1


I’m still going to do my own, but it wont be as detailed now lol

Originally posted on The Bliss of Beauty:

I promise you, this will be very helpful.

When I first started my lipstick collection, I went to Mac. I had heard many great things about Mac lipsticks. I chose a light pink color and when I went home, I was surprised. It didn’t go on as pretty as I thought it would. Then I read the…

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